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learning multiple languages to further a career

My son is 16 years old and has big plans for his future. He plans to travel the world as a part of his future career, so he wanted to learn at least two other languages before he graduated from high school. I knew that if this was something that he really wanted to do, and that he would do it. I created this blog with the help of my son. We want others to understand how knowing multiple languages can open more doors for future careers than some other skills can. Find out about learning multiple languages right here on our blog.

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learning multiple languages to further a career

Is It More Important To Learn Conversational English Or Written English?

by Clifton Morgan

There is a world of difference between conversational English and written English. For those learning English as a second language, this difference represents a challenge. Without both sides of the language, it becomes difficult to find work, and interact socially.

The Difference between Conversational and Written English

Many people think that if they know how to write it and pronounce it, then they know how to speak it. Unfortunately, this isn't true. The opposite situation isn't any better. If you can speak it, even if you can speak English well, it doesn't mean that you can write it or write it well.

Conversational English - When people speak, they do not consider grammatical syntax. Speaking also comes with other clues that suggest intent and meaning. When someone speaks to you, there are sometimes movements, hand gestures, tilts to the head, and facial expressions that help to stress the words and convey the meaning.

Keep in mind most people learn to speak before they learn to write. Communication is a necessity for human beings, and we learn to do it as soon as we can. Conversational English can teach you many of the things that written English cannot.

Conversational English can teach you how best to interact with those around you, while giving you the confidence to do so. It will teach you how to pronounce words like those around you. You will learn common phrases and euphemisms. This will help you speak like the natives, while also helping you to understand what it is they are saying.

Written English – Written English is also about communication, but it is a different kind of communication. Learning to write English will help you get your thoughts across to a broader spectrum of people. It will also help you academically and professionally.

Reading English is highly important when in English-speaking countries, but writing it is just as important for those that would like to do business or advance in those same countries.

The Importance of Learning Both

When seeking to learn written or conversational English, it is important to understand how both these things interact yet also veer away from each other.

Reading is important, and it can lead you to other opportunities to learn. However, learning to speak the language conversationally can help your social elevation. That can also lead to more opportunities to learn and grow.

There are many free online English courses that help you to learn to read, write, and speak English. Make sure those courses address not only the reading and writing side of the language. They also need to help you to understand some of the conversational side as well.