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My son is 16 years old and has big plans for his future. He plans to travel the world as a part of his future career, so he wanted to learn at least two other languages before he graduated from high school. I knew that if this was something that he really wanted to do, and that he would do it. I created this blog with the help of my son. We want others to understand how knowing multiple languages can open more doors for future careers than some other skills can. Find out about learning multiple languages right here on our blog.

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learning multiple languages to further a career

Free Family Friendly Things You Can Do In Downtown Houston, TX

by Clifton Morgan

Whether you are visiting Houston, TX for the first time, or if you live nearby and have never toured the downtown district, there's plenty of things to explore. The best part, is there is quite a bit to do and see all for free. See below for a list of a handful of free things to do in Houston's downtown.

Discovery Green

Discovery Green is a green space in the middle of downtown Houston. It opened in 2008 to give the city a green space. The green space has a lake, playground, gardens and a jogging trail. Check the calendar for upcoming events throughout the year. They offer everything from flea and farmer's markets to yoga, kayaking and even offer restaurants for dining. 

Tunnel System

This is a fun way to get through the city's downtown. Houston offers 7 miles of underground tunnels. The tunnels are marked with guides to get you from one place to the next. It offers underground restaurants, gift shop and more. The tunnels connect office buildings, banks and retail shops. You can get to the tunnels through street level stairs, or get to them via elevators of the buildings that are connected to the tunnel system. Kids will have fun navigating through these tunnels.

JP Chase Morgan Observation Deck

The JP Chase Morgan building in the city's downtown offers the highest observation deck in Houston that is open to the public. Take one of the elevators for a speedy ride to the lobby at the observation deck. There you can view the city's downtown from a birds-eye view.

Buffalo Bayou

Buffalo Bayou looks like just water running through the city, but it can be much more than that. Go to the Preston Street Bridge and press the red button. The red button which is located on a brick column on the bridge's south side will aerate the water when pressed. It makes the water bubble, the fun part is the button doesn't tell you what it does. It's sort of a mysterious button, which is fun for your little ones to press the button and see what it does. Buffalo Bayou itself offers a bike path and you can also kayak on the bayou.

Downtown Aquarium

The Downtown Aquarium offers free things for the kids such as a splash pad, DJ and free trainer shows. If you want to see more of the aquarium, check their website for buy-one-get-one-free deals or half-price options.