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learning multiple languages to further a career

My son is 16 years old and has big plans for his future. He plans to travel the world as a part of his future career, so he wanted to learn at least two other languages before he graduated from high school. I knew that if this was something that he really wanted to do, and that he would do it. I created this blog with the help of my son. We want others to understand how knowing multiple languages can open more doors for future careers than some other skills can. Find out about learning multiple languages right here on our blog.

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learning multiple languages to further a career

Marketing Your Products in Other Languages

by Clifton Morgan

When you own a business online and you are a native English speaker, it may be tempting to focus exclusively on an English language audience. However, this is leaving out a sizable portion of your potential consumer base. While some consumers will use websites to machine translate your website, the translations will often lack the message that you wanted to spread to your consumer.

Use Images And Symbols

One way to more easily communicate to those who speak a different language is to focus more on images and symbols. These are easier to understand than text in a different language. For instance, if you are marketing a product used for cooking, showing a fully cooked meal can be a universal message to anyone.

Right Simply

Writing in a simple and clear manner will make it easier for those who have limited English proficiency to understand your content. This will also reduce the risk that your content will not be correctly translated. Also, try to use active voice as often as possible. Keeping it simple is more practical because you will not have to write an article for every language you are marketing in. Instead, you can write articles that can easily be translated into other languages without communicating something unfortunate.

Narrow Down Your Target

Because it is impractical to translate your content into every language, you will need to consider which countries will be a large enough market and which countries will be the most likely to consume your product. By narrowing it down, you will have the greatest exposure at the lowest cost.

If it is important to market to a specific part of the world, it may make sense to hire someone who is from that part of the world to produce quality content. The content can be tailored to the demographic in a way that is more likely to appeal to them. For example, if there is a problem that is more often faced by customers from a particular part of the world, which your product aims to solve, it makes sense to have a resident from that area elaborate on this problem in an authentic way.

If there is a specific market that you would like to target, it would make sense to seek the services of a translation company, such as inlingua. A translation service will be able to translate your website in a way that will make it easier for your target audience to understand.